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home1010833_396990077074178_1066997696_nFounded in 1996.

I am a production artist by trade, completely self taught with over 30 years of education on the job.

I started as a technical illustrator and airbrush artist in the early 80’s with a background in oil painting on the east coast.

I came to the west coast to follow my brother into the movie industry only to land a job illustrating central vacuum parts and fittings. After a few years, I branched out on my own to form Corkum Creative Services. I specialized in desktop production, illustration and print production. I learned to run a printing press as well as film stripping and assembly.

By the mid 1990’s I had an extensive client list and continued to learn by teaching others both one on one and at local colleges and universities. I gained education in digital offset and grand format printing with a little vinyl sign cutting for spice.

2003 I was given a job for the BC Innovation Council, as in-house graphic artist, event production and coordination.

2008 I moved over to a long time clients office as production artist and industrial designer.

Recently I have been back on my own exploring the film industry. I am currently working in Props for various film and tv productions.

Prop Master / Natural and Digital Artist